Glasses string - Turquoise

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This eyeglass cord is a practical and beautiful accessory, with turquoise beads.

Turquoise is a stone that enhances communication and confidence and strengthens friendships.

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  • This eyeglass cord is a chic and practical accessory. Practical to keep your glasses on you without having to wear them, chic thanks to the turquoise beads, a fine stone known in lithotherapy for its virtues.

    Varying from light green to the eponymous blue with veins that are sometimes brown, black or white depending on the matrix, turquoise is a stone that soothes anger and increases empathy, also developing personal growth through letting go but also a more confident speech. It promotes communication but also listening in order to establish healthy relationships, both in friendship and in love. Therefore, it improves self-confidence and tempers changing moods. On the physical level and according to the principles of lithotherapy, turquoise would help detoxify body fluids such as blood, urine, hormonal and genital secretions. Still in this detox and detox effect, it would avoid intoxications due to the food as the excess of fat or pollution. It would also fight against the evils related to the throat and the respiratory system. It would also have a beneficial effect to relieve the pains and the cramps (stomach, muscles...)

    Length : 72 cm
    Diameter pearls: 4 mm

    Height4 mm
    Width72 cm
    Weight25 gr


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