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Bibles in everyday language, explained, special youth texts, liturgical texts or even advanced studies of texts to get a closer look at the sacred texts, our selection of Bibles, psalters and liturgical texts will find a book to your taste!


  • Jerusalem Bibles

    The Jerusalem Bible is a translation of the Bible into French, developed under the direction of the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem. You will find in this category our different models.

  • Bibles in current French

    The Common French Bible is a translation made in such a way that it is accessible to the greatest number of people while remaining as close as possible to the holy texts.

  • Bibles word of life

    With its usual vocabulary of about 3500 words, with its deliberately short sentences, modelled on breathing, the Word of Life version of the Bible is especially suitable for beginners or non-specialized readers.

  • Explained Bibles

    The Explained Bible, the result of an international and interdenominational collaboration, offers the modern reader keys to understanding that make it an original reference work accessible to all. This type of Bible can contain maps, timelines and other illustrations to better immerse oneself in the study of the sacred texts.

  • Youth Bibles

    Bibles specially translated and adapted for children of all ages. Perfect stories to put children to sleep while educating them or to simply approach the bible.

  • Segond Bibles
  • Bibles of the sower

    The Sower Bible is a new translation of the French Bible directed by the biblical scholar Alfred Kuen and published in 1992. Its stated aim was to produce a 20th century version of the French Bible that was suitable for the understanding of the greatest number of people and of traditional evangelical orientation.

  • Liturgical Texts &...

    Texts from the Bible, Old and New Testaments, Psalters ...

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Showing 1 - 16 of 93 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 93 items