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This necklace is supplied with 7 heart-shaped pendants. The seven stones are carnelian, gold stone, tiger's eye, pink quartz, reconstituted turquoise, sodalite and purple stone.
All in an elegant little black bag. The length of the chain is 50 cm.
One for each day of the week.

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  • This silver necklace comes with 7 pendants with different stones and synthetic stones. The pendants are heart shaped.
    The chain has a length of 50 cm. This length allows the pendant to fall a little below the supra-sternal pit, the hole between the two clavicles.
    This set contains a carnelian, a gold stone, a tiger's eye, a pink quartz, a reconstituted turquoise, a sodalite and a purple stone.

    In lithotherapy, therapeutic virtues are attributed to the stones. They act on the chakras present in our body but also on the rest of our tissues, muscles, bones, as well as on our energy in general, our mind and our spirituality.
    The stones of this set are each time quoted in ascending order of the chakras, i.e. from the root chakra to the coronal chakra.

    Chakras and associated stones

    The carnelian takes care of the root chakra. This chakra is the most down-to-earth chakra, located at the level of the perineum. It takes care of basic needs, whether they are physical (evacuation of toxins, survival ...) or moral (having a roof, feeling safe ...).

    The goldstone is linked to the sacred chakra. This chakra is that of pleasure and creation, it is a little below the navel. It is concerned with material well-being but also with the well-being of the body because it is connected to the sexual organs.

    The eye of the tiger is associated with the chakra of the solar plexus. It is located at the tip of the sternum. This chakra is the chakra of self-confidence, solar ray, abundance of resources but also everything related to digestion.

    Rose quartz is for the heart chakra. This chakra is at the center of this energy chain, located where its name indicates. It is the chakra of Love, compassion, forgiveness, but also the heart chakra in the true sense of the word and the blood circulation.

    Turquoise is used here for the throat chakra. Easy to locate too, this chakra deals with communication, expression and, in an indirect way, creation too. You can focus on this chakra, with the help of aventurine, to work on sore throats, lungs, mouth or ears.

    The sodalite connects to the third eye chakra, which is located between the two eyebrows. Chakra of intuition, of the overall vision, it is also in charge of the eyes and can soothe migraines.

    The purple stone, or purple sandstone, is linked to the coronal chakra. This chakra is at the top of our skull. It connects us to the Universe, to the divine, to the energy of the world, it designates wisdom and altruism. It is a fairly general chakra, it deals with the brain and nervous system and openness to the world and spirituality.

    Chain size guide

    The sizes indicated 38 cm are for babies and small children.

    Between size 40 to 45, we are talking about a lady's choker. For men, the choker chains are between 45 and 50 cm.

    For a comfortable length, we advise you to take chains at 50 cm and more for women and between 55-60 cm for men.

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