Blue sand pearl bracelet

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Bracelet with elastic thread and synthetic stone beads, blue sand. Accompanied by a small silver charm, this bracelet gives a soft and serene touch to your wrist.
Blue sand is a stone that brings creativity, anchoring and balance in life.

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  • This elastic bracelet made of synthetic blue sand stone beads is a delicious and mysterious touch to wear on your wrist.

    Of a dark blue strewn with glitter reminiscent of a beautiful starry night, blue sand is a stone that develops intuition and creativity. Placed on the root chakra, it will help to be more down-to-earth, dissipating depression by channelling the energies of the Universe and protecting from negative energies.

    Bead dimensions: 0.5 mm
    Charm dimensions: 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.2 cm
    Minimum width bracelet: 16.5 cm

    Height5 mm
    Width16 cm
    Weight10 gr


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