Bag of 7 rolled stones for the chakras

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Black velvet pouch containing seven healing stones, one for each chakra, to rebalance the body's energies.
Contains one red jasper, one carnelian, one tiger eye, one aventurine, one lapis lazuli, one amethyst and one rock crystal.

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  • This black velvet pouch contains seven rolled stones that can be used for decoration and well-being. It contains one red jasper, one carnelian, one tiger eye, one aventurine, one lapis lazuli, one amethyst and one rock crystal. Each stone is about two to three centimeters in diameter.

    The red jasper is an anchor stone linked to the root chakra. It helps to rebalance our relationship to the material world, to anger, to security, to our presence on earth. It is advised to soothe muscular pains and to energize the body, in particular during a feeling of heavy legs. It is a beautiful opaque brick red with darker veins.

    Carnelian, attached primarily to the sacral chakra, is revitalizing and is said to be beneficial to the blood system as well as the reproductive organs. It is a stone that encourages creativity and expression through the body. This stone is orange-red and translucent.

    Tiger's eye is a useful stone for protection against negative energies as well as for rebalancing the solar plexus chakra. It helps regulate the emotions and digestive system, build self-confidence while cultivating optimism. It has beautiful golden yellow highlights on a brown base.

    Aventurine is a soft stone that resonates with the heart chakra. It soothes violent emotions, repels negative ones and opens to letting go and to Unconditional Love. It is recommended in lithotherapy for muscles in case of aches and pains and to strengthen the heart and lungs. It is a pretty pale green.

    The lapis lazuli, blue stone speckled with white and golden flakes, is a stone recommended for the throat chakra. It improves eloquence, expression and listening. It is recommended for fullness, relieve sore throat, reduce the effects of allergies and eczema, promote restful sleep.

    The amethyst, beautiful purple stone, is very appreciated for its multiple virtues. Blending very well with the 3rd eye chakra, it is recommended for spiritual openness, the development of intuition, the alleviation of migraines and a beneficial help to fight against addictions of all kinds.

    The rock crystal is one of the best known stones. Translucent white, its applications in lithotherapy are very broad. Its energy is very pure and proves to be powerful in many fields, as much spiritual and mental as physical. It allows to get rid of negative energies, purifies the mind and develops inner strength. By this purification, it is a privileged tool for clairvoyance, intuition, imagination and memory. Versatile on all the chakras, it is especially advised for the coronal chakra.


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