Gold stone beads bracelet

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Elastic wire bracelet with synthetic stone beads, gold stone sun stone. Accompanied by a small silver charm, this bracelet gives a soft and serene touch to your wrist.
Gold stone is a stone that brings joy, energy and cheerfulness.

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  • This elastic bracelet made of synthetic sun stone beads (gold stone) is a delicious warm and energetic touch to wear on your wrist.

    Red-brown with glitter, the gold stone is an energetic stone that strengthens and purifies the blood system and the heart. Warm and overflowing with energy, it brings joy, cheerfulness, friendship and encounters. It diffuses vitality and good mood to the wearer, releasing the creative but also physical and carnal forces.

    Dimensions beads: 0.5 mm
    Charm dimensions: 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.2 cm
    Minimum width bracelet: 16.5 cm

    Height5 mm
    Width16 cm
    Weight10 gr


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