Natural red jasper bracelet

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Elastic wire bracelet with natural red jasper beads. Accompanied by a small silver charm, this bracelet gives a soft and serene touch to your wrist.
The red jasper is a stone that anchors in reality and the present moment, helping to blossom.

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  • This elastic bracelet made of natural red jasper stone beads is a delicious warm touch to wear on your wrist.

    In brick red hues with sometimes a few lighter or darker veins, red jasper is a stone that symbolizes strength and stability. It anchors its wearer in reality and helps him or her to love life, to have confidence in it, to live in the present moment. It is therefore recommended for people who tend to project too much into the past or the future, who tend to be afraid of death or the unknown, or who are depressed. It will reassure them and encourage them to assert themselves through action, to blossom. On the physical level, red jasper is very vitalizing, helps blood circulation or reduces the effect of heavy legs. It energizes the mind as well as the body. In addition to these specialties, jasper also protects its wearer from negative energies.

    Dimensions beads: 0.5 mm
    Charm dimensions: 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.2 cm
    Minimum width bracelet: 16.5 cm

    Height5 mm
    Width16 cm
    Weight10 gr


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