Novena candle for Saint Hubert

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Vegetable novena candle with a picture of Saint Hubert and prayer on the back in the language of your choice
Combustion between 9 and 11 days, depending on room temperature.
Dimensions of the candle: 6 x 18 cm

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    Burning time: 9 days
    Vegetable oil
    Dimensions: 6 x 18 cm
    Spark plug weight: 520 gr

    Prayer on the back of the candle - Select the language from the options to get the prayer in your language
    O Saint Hubert, you who went hunting in this wood. At the bend in the road, you met the cruciferous deer sent by God. You were amazed and your faith resurfaced to do good around you.
    I will follow your road, which can be winding and treacherous, and you will give me the strength to fight our diseases. I entrust myself to you with perseverance during and after prayer.
    Help me to remain faithful to my faith.

    Height18 cm
    Width6 cm
    Depth6 cm
    Weight520 gr

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