Essential oil of myrrh

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The essential oil of myrrh is used to purify and clean the skin.
Bottle of 30 ml.

Attention, this product does not replace a prescription. Ask your doctor in case of doubt.

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  • Natural oil without chemicals, has not been tested on animals.

    The essential oil of myrrh is used in the following cases:
    - Skin conditions, such as superficial wounds, scaly skin, eczema, bedsores and difficult healing
    - Arthritis and joint pain
    - Diarrhea, dysentery and colitis
    - Sunburns
    - Stretch marks
    - Anti-aging treatments
    - Meditation
    - Soothe nervous tension, anxiety, phobias and depression
    - Calming hyperactivity and enuresis crises (bedwetting)
    - Calming sexual obsession

    Capacity : 30 ml
    Extract of Commiphora myrrha

    Do not apply directly on the skin, dilute with a vegetable oil before application. Do not take internally. Use prohibited for pregnant women, infants, people with high blood pressure, kidney disease, epilepsy or skin lesions. For sensitive skin, test a small area of skin first before using more frequently or more extensively.

    Caution! This oil contains active plant concentrates, do not use this lightly as it may cause irritation, allergies or nausea. This product does not replace a medical prescription. In case of doubt, consult a doctor.

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