Saint Michel perfume - eau de toilette spray

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Saint Michael's perfume - sage and sea salt eau de toilette.
Saint Michael is prayed to for protection and to chase away the demons of the night. If you have nightmares, here's a natural remedy to soothe you. This perfume can be worn to help you pray, as well as to bring you protection. Novena with the novena candle and associated booklet.

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  • Saint Michel eau de toilette, sage and sea salt fragrance.
    The Archangel Saint Michael is known for his effective protection against negative energies. A fervent and attentive guardian, he keeps demons at bay and soothes the night. Sage, an age-old medicinal plant, and salt are components regularly used by religion or esoteric beliefs for protection and purification. As a result, this tangy fragrance is the perfect tool to accompany your prayers, requests for protection or simply as an everyday perfume.

    Spray a little fragrance on the back of the neck, wrists, behind the ear, elbow or in places where the arteries beat to help the scent emanate stronger and longer.

    Capacity : 50 ml (1.7fl.oz)
    Weight : 115 grammes

    Weight160 gr

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