Novena candle of purification scented with sage - Box 20 pcs

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White novena candles with image of Saints and Angels defeating evil and prayer dedicated to them, scented with sage for an intense purifying effect.

Burning between 9 and 11 days, depending on the ambient temperature.
Composed of vegetable oil.
Dimensions : 6 x 18 cm
Weight : 520 gr
Weight of the box : 10kg700
Contains 20 pieces

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    A box contains 20 novena candles.

    You can mix and match different colors, images and scents!

    Moreover, for every 6 candles purchased, only the first 5 count, the sixth is deducted from your order, so it's free!

    Sage is used for its power to purify places, objects and people. It purifies the air and allows a better breathing.

    Duration of the combustion: 9 days, the combustion can vary according to the ambient temperature
    Composed of vegetable oil
    Dimensions : 6 x 18 cm
    Weight of the candle : 520 gr
    Weight of the box : 10kg700
    Contains 20 pieces
    Without dye nor chemical products. Our candle is tested in our laboratory department to keep the best quality.

    Prayer on the back of the candle - Select the language in the options to get the prayer in your language
    With this candle I implore Jesus Christ our Lord, the Virgin Mary, Saint Michael and the Angels to purify my home and my soul. May the curse, slander and all evil be driven out of this place forever.
    May St. Benedict also help me to pray and keep the strength.

    Height18 cm
    Width6 cm
    Depth6 cm
    Weight0.520 kg
    CompositionsVegetable oil

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