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Church Masala Incense Sticks - HEM

  • 6 Incense Pockets of the Mixed Protector Saints (5 paying and 1 free)

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Box of 15 gr of incense sticks to burn.
Natural incense to be burned, rolled sure stick of bamboo to the hand. Church Masala incense has a powerful and refined fragrance. It is used in churches and holy places but also at home to bring a soothing and purifying atmosphere.

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  • A natural incense, Church Masala has a classic incense fragrance, strong and powerful yet refined. It is frequently used in churches, holy places or altars to purify the binders or make an offering to the Guides, Angels, Universe or God. It provides a calm and soothing atmosphere, perfect for prayer and meditation. After a busy day, this incense will be an excellent help to get rid of stress and return to a state of inner peace. A must have for all incense lovers.

    This item is sold per box, each box containing 15 gr of incense sticks. Each stick burns for approximately 30 minutes.
    Our incenses are handmade in the pure Hindu tradition using essential oils.
    Made in India.

    Height20 cm
    Width3 cm
    SH44021000 -encens bambous

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