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Greek Incense - Gardenia Quality B - 100 gr

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The Gardenia Greek incense of quality B is to be used at the time of the prayer, to reinforce it and purify the places. It is reputed to help the couple in their relationship so that they can overcome everyday problems together.
Conditioned out of pot of 100 gr
Code: 02135

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  • This Greek incense leaves a sweet smell of Gardenia when burned.

    It is to be used at the time of the prayer in order to purify the places and to move away the bad energies. Prayer reinforces its effect, and conversely it reinforces the effect of prayer.

    It is also possible to let it burn at home to ease the tensions of the couple, to help a couple in love difficulty who can no longer get along and communicate by bringing an atmosphere of peace and serenity conducive to dialogue. Thus, it is also known for a better understanding between the partners and for regaining mutual respect, so that the partners can move forward together and overcome the problems of daily life.

    Packaged in a 100 gr pot
    Code: 02135

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