Edith Stein, grace ahead - Vincent Aucante
Edith Stein, grace ahead - Vincent Aucante

Edith Stein, grace ahead - Vincent Aucante


Edith Stein, la grâce devant soi - Philosophy of Conversion, written by Vincent Aucante and edited by Éditions du Carmel.
Publication date: March 18, 2019
Publisher: Éditions du Carmel
ISBN: 1630-5930
EAN: 9782847135978
Presentation: paperback
No. of pages: 155 pages
Weight: 0.207 Kg
Dimensions: 14 cm × 21 cm × 0.7 cm
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In order to understand conversion, it is necessary to keep the two terms that are usually separated, that of interior and personal life and that of social and community life, and to give equal importance to both.
Edith Stein's spiritual journey is singular because it is intimately linked to her family history and her philosophical reflection. Of Jewish origin, but without any religious practice, Edith Stein's atheism came up against her quest for truth, until the day when the reading of the Autobiography of Teresa of Avila brought her the grace of Revelation. The author questions the process of conversion: how grace is welcomed by the person in view of his or her initial spiritual situation and family environment with its traditions. Beyond the emblematic story of Edith, a Jew converted to Catholicism in a totalitarian historical context, this book highlights the mechanisms of conversion and the essential place of freedom in choosing to adhere to grace.
Text only in French.

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