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Cinnamon grain incense - 1 kg

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This incense in grain flavored and embellished with cinnamon is a small marvel exclusive to the Religious Saint Christopher!
Its warm and comforting scent energizes, promotes personal growth and creativity.
Sold by packet of 1kg

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  • This natural incense with yellow, orange and red grains is flavored and sprinkled with cinnamon sticks! Its woody scent quickly embalms the room and in the blink of an eye creates a warm and comforting atmosphere. It is perfect for the festive season, reminiscent of the aroma of mulled wine and cookies.

    On a more spiritual and mental level, cinnamon incense helps personal growth, self-confidence, dynamism, creativity and inspiration. Because of its qualities that strengthen the mind, this incense helps to better overcome the blues, to break the monotony of everyday life, to promote financial opportunities but also friendly, to make new encounters. It is that it also attracts prosperity, money and success.

    This incense is an exclusivity of the Religious Saint Christophe and the Maison Halleux.
    Sold by packet of 1kg

    Weight1 kg

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