Gold plated chain 18 k - faschion 60 cm

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Chain in 18 K gold
Dimension: 60 cm
Thickness 4 mm
Links in the form of an intertwined rope

Chain size guide in description.

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  • Chain for 18k gold necklace with round clasp. The chain is made of interlaced links, forming like a cable or a rope.

    Chain length: 60 cm - comfortable length for men, long for women.

    Chain size guide

    The sizes indicated 38 cm are for babies and small children.

    Between size 40 to 45, we are talking about a lady's choker. For men, the choker chains are between 45 and 50 cm.

    For a comfortable length, we advise you to take chains at 50 cm and more for women and between 55-60 cm for men.

    Weight5 gr