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Incense Amber Sandalwood premium quality 500 gr

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The incense amber & sandalwood natural disinfects and purifies the house, removes the negative and bad waves, providing a very strong protection.

It is one of the few incenses that do not burn. It is deposited on a small container or a saucer. After a few months, replace it piece used.

Packaged in 500 grams.

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  • The natural Amber & Sandalwood incense has the particularity of not needing to be burned to be active!
    Place a piece of about 2cm in diameter in a saucer, saucer or other small container. Leave it in the air for a few months in the living area and then replace the piece with one of the same size. The ideal size of a piece is +- 2 cm. The amber has the reputation of releasing the bad waves of the house, thus chasing away the malevolent spirits and protecting your home.

    Sold by package of 500 grams.

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