Jesus of Nazareth - Comics by Peter Madsen

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A magnificent comic strip scripted and illustrated by Peter Madsen, it was awarded the Christian Comics Prize at the Angoulême festival.

Retrace the life of Jesus of Nazareth with Peter, the narrator of this story, let yourself be carried away by the powerful graphics and the warm dialogues that remind us of the deep humanity of this story.

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  • "When I first saw him who was called Jesus of Nazareth, he called me by name. Who was he? How did he know me?
    I don't know why, but in that moment I knew I had to leave my boat and follow him. Then others came... until there were twelve of us. His disciples. »

    These are the words of Peter, the narrator of the story contained in this book. A story whose universality, emotional and spiritual force Peter Madsen has managed to transcribe in the form of a comic strip with powerful graphics and warm dialogues that constantly remind us of the profound humanity of this story.

    "The drawing, with its powerful graphics, fits the story perfectly. The powerful graphic design fits the story perfectly. The representations of Jesus are constantly new in their expressions and give a human density to the character.
    -Comment by the jury of the Christian Comics Prize at the Angoulême festival.

    Publication date : 01/01/2015
    Publisher: Editions Scriptura
    Author: Peter Madsen
    ISBN: 978-2-85300-681-1
    EAN: 9782853006811
    Presentation : Hardcover binding
    No. of pages: 136 pages
    Weight : 900 gr
    Dimensions: 22.5 x 30 x 1.5 cm
    This book is in French

    Height30 cm
    Width22.5 cm
    Depth1,5 cm
    Weight900 gr

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