Novena Sainte Rita rose scented candles - 20 pieces

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Vegetable novena candle with a picture of Saint Rita and a prayer on the back in the language of your choice. This candle is rose scented.
Burns between 9 and 11 days, depending on the room temperature.
Dimensions of the candle: 6 x 18 cm
A box contains 20 pieces.

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  • Would you like to order per box? It's very simple! Choose the candles you like, whether they are different or identical, and add them to your basket.
    A box contains 20 novena candles. You can mix different colours, images and fragrances!
    Moreover, for 6 candles purchased, only the first 5 count, the sixth is deducted from your order, so it's free!
    Burning time: 9 days
    Vegetable oil, rose scented
    Dimensions: 6 x 18 cm
    Spark plug weight: 520 gr
    20 pieces
    Total weight : 10kg700

    Text on the back of the candle - Select the language from the options to get the prayer in your language
    Saint Rita, advocate of desperate causes, pray for us. Saint Rita, I have recourse to you that all proclaim you "the saint of the impossible". I am anxious, in a dead end. I implore you, for I trust in you and I hope to be quickly answered, for you are close to our Father in heaven. Calm my spirit. I see no human solution, but I confide in you that God has chosen to be "the advocate of desperate causes. If my sins are an obstacle to the fulfillment of my desires, obtain mercy and forgiveness for me from God. Do not allow me to remain in anguish any longer and deign to respond to the trust I place in you. Saint Rita, who so intimately participated in the passion of Jesus, pray for me and come to my help.

    Height18 cm
    Width6 cm
    Depth6 cm
    Weight0.520 kg
    CompositionsVegetable oil

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