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Agate Chakra Incense - 50 gr

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Aromatic and colored incense with soft yellow and slightly blue hues. Its pine fragrance, strong and peppery, is perfect to energize or regulate the throat chakra.
Sold by packet of 50 grams.

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  • Our agate incense from the Incense & Chakras collection is perfect for the throat chakra. Tinted to obtain this soft and reassuring color, its particular aroma is a true delight. It gives off a strong, woody pine scent with strong peppery notes. These fragrances continue to embalm the room once lit, the heat making it give off a more resinous scent while softening the peppery side.

    The sense of smell is an important sense in ancillary therapies. Indeed, the nose is a necessary passage between the outside air and our body and its main function of physical filtering is also found in ancient yogi traditions where the quality of breathing is paramount. Incense helps to purify the air and the energy it contains.
    This incense is particularly beneficial for the throat chakra, an energy center linked to listening, speaking, expression, creativity and communication in general. Using this incense with its strong aromas allows the release of blockages that are linked to it, leaving room for a clearer, truer and fairer voice towards oneself and others. It encourages us to better express our feelings and thoughts while listening to others by promoting empathy, and helps to develop our creativity.

    Sold by pack of 50 grams

    Weight50 gr

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