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Rosemary incense sticks - Darshan

  • 6 Incense Pockets of the Mixed Protector Saints (5 paying and 1 free)

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Box of 20 incense sticks to burn.
Natural incense to burn, rolled safe stick by hand. This rosemary incense has a very fresh, almost sweet scent. It is used to bring an atmosphere of concentration, mental clarity. Perfect for your workplace!

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  • Natural and purifying incense, it diffuses a pleasant fresh and soothing scent in your home or workplace. Rosemary is recommended to bring a calm atmosphere of concentration, clarifying the mind and helping to develop a good memory. Because of these characteristics, it is often lit at work to promote focus. Try it and you will feel the difference!

    This item is sold by the box, each box containing 20 incense sticks. Each stick burns for approximately 30 minutes.
    Our incenses are handmade in the pure Hindu tradition using essential oils.
    Made in India.

    Height20 cm
    Width3 cm

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