Solar LED Candle - pack of 6

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Solar LED candles by pack of 6 pieces.
Equipped with photovoltaic cells, they just need a little sunlight to light up their turn! The flame mimics the flicker of a real candle, perfect for everyday or festive decoration.
Dimensions: 5.2 x 5.8 cm

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  • LED candles with photovoltaic cells. Small, these candles have a white base and black top to limit the visibility of the solar cells. The flame is made of translucent plastic, the light emitted is a warm yellow flickering, imitating the flame of a real candle. For a party, a wedding, a birthday or everyday interior decoration, these candles will delight the place with their warm glow! Similar in size to tealights, they can be used on many different surfaces and can also be used outdoors: camping, pool, beach, mountain...

    An on/off button under the base allows you to turn it on and off. No need for batteries, just put the candle in the sun to charge it! A 5-hour charge in the sun gives about 10 hours of lighting.

    Diameter: 5.2 cm.
    Height (with flame): 5.8 cm.
    Height flame: 2 cm.
    Weight per candle : 30 gr.
    Electrical data : 3A, 300MA, 1.2V.
    Lifetime : 6 months to 1 year of cycles.
    Total weight : 182 gr.

    Height5,8 cm
    Width5,2 cm
    Weight30 gr
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